Welcome to the Spectacular Array of unique apartments situated in the most upcoming area of Bhubaneswar , beside Nandankanan main road at Raghunathpur. These state-of-the-art homes stand testimony to the aesthetic design and modern engineering features, our homes are renowned for. These amazing homes pride themselves upon their world-class infrastructure and futuristic facilities making them amongst one of the finest pieces of architecture in the city. We strongly believe in creating truly fabulous yet affordable homes for every strata of society. These sweet homes are designed to give our customers the true value for money, while providing them with a perfect lifestyle experience.

These homes are the thoughtful blend of comfort, amenities, features, price and location, equipped with a wide range of modern facilities to satisfy every need of children, adults and senior citizens with everything they have ever wanted for. We pledge to strive continuously to achieve ever increasing levels of customer satisfaction, through the continuous improvement of our Projects and Services. So we are determined to help our customers to realize their dreams, whether it is a layout or a house and in the process to create a valuable asset for them.

“Where Truth is the Religion and Honesty is the best Policy”


When a bird is alive... It eats Ants. When the bird is dead ... Ants eat the bird.

Time and Circumstances can change at anytime.

Do not Devalue or hurt anyone in life. You may be Powerful today.But remember.

Time is more powerful than you.

One tree makes a million match sticks...

Only one match stick needed to burn a million trees......

So be good and do good.

”KAMALINI TOWER” is a marvel of design, with the perfect harmony and ambience to live a life of peace and comfort. With well equipped Air conditioned Gymnasium, Meditation hall, Wi-Fi enabled Club, Children’s play area, Swimming pool. A space especially created for you to wash away the excesses of Morden life, leaving you calm composed and relaxed for a new day.